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Bogotá, Colombia

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First trimester de 2021

Windows, Mac , Linux

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Carlos Herrera

Instagram: @gameloop


Pasajeros is a video game that is developed through a collection of urban and surreal stories collected in a taxi in Chapinero, a Bogotá neighborhood. It’s a four-night adventure packed with micro-stories of vampires, robots, mariachis, and thugs. In addition to the opportunity to find love or madness in the night magic of a city.


“When a passenger leaves a newspaper forgotten in a taxi in which he confesses that he plans to kill himself, the driver of the vehicle sets out to find the man and perhaps save him. All this while he navigates in the microcosm of stories that make up Chapinero’s nights. ”

Passengers is a video game in which we will put the player in situations in which he will see iconic places and places of Bogotá represented, he will hear sounds typical of the city, but above all he will be able to experience the city through the stories of the passengers who get on. your taxi. Special emphasis will be placed on those symbolic spaces that are proper and unique to the capital, which are ultimately the ones that lead to shaping its identity. Through these elements and these stories that are intertwined according to the player’s decisions, an X-ray of Bogotá will be shown.

In the story, while the driver seeks to prevent the suicide of one of his passengers, he will also reveal part of his own past and also of his psyche, because on Chapinero’s nights the traffic lights speak to him; His vehicle, which he calls the Chicken, has its own character that reacts depending on the passengers on duty; We will also meet La mona, his main empanadas supplier, who runs an underworld of culinary delicacies and drugs; and we will discover many of the stories that a city like Bogotá has to tell.



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Developer: GameLoop

GameLoop is a company that seeks to explore the use that video games are being given as a cultural object in the local Colombian context. As well as seeking the answer to the following questions: is their potential and scope being used as an instrument of appropriation and ultimately of identity construction? Is it possible in a video game to construct a representation of cultural identity?


General Management: Carlos Herrera
Executive Production: Julia María Rincón
Narrative Design: Jorge Hernández
Art Direction: Anderson Rodríguez
3d background design: Jean Gómez
Unity Programming and Development Leader: Sandra Paola Mosquera
Sound Design and Musicalization:
Andres Valero
Sebastian CáceresTraffic Light Voice: Diego Camargo

Mintic Advisor: Miguel Posada
Marketing Advisor: Santiago Zapata


Dissemination Strategy: Elder Tobar
Networks: Daniela Godoy
Videographer: Jesús SuarezLegal advice: Carlos Felipe González
Accounting consultancy: Zoraida Valbuena

Santiago Rivas
Jose Plata

Luz Marina Domínguez, Cristian Montenegro, Liliana Chacón González, Margarita Herrera, Catalina Ceballos, María José Afanador, Jaime Humberto Borja, Pablo Chilito, Héctor Camilo Herrera, Álvaro Triana